TCPOA fundraising was formed to consolidate three fundraising efforts.  1.) TCPOA membership dues; 2.) TCESO operating and capital funds; 3.) TCPOA security operating and capital funds.


Definitions and history:

1.    TCPOATreasure Cay Property Owners Association

a.    TCPOA is run by volunteer homeowners. 

b.    TCPOA provides administrative services for TCPOA Security, TCESO and other community organizations. 

c.    TCPOA represents the homeowners of Treasure Cay and is our “collective voice” in working with the Bahamian government as well with local government and local police.


2.    TCESOTreasure Cay Emergency Services Organization

a.    TCESO is a Bahamian owned entity and is overseen by a Bahamian Board of Trustees.  Day to day operations are overseen by a Treasure Cay homeowners board of directors.

b.    TCESO provides fire protection and rescue services. 

c.    TCESO contracts with Abaco Crash Fire Rescue for equipment and the services of fire chief Colin Albury.

d.    TCESO celebrated its 10th Anniversary in September 2017.

e.    The original capital campaign for startup raised $670,000, with donations ranging from $20 to an anonymous $175,000.

f.     Follow up capital campaigns have raised more than $250,000 for replacement and additional equipment.


3.    TCPOA Security

a.    TCPOA Security provides community security services including staffing the entrance gate and nightly patrol vehicle.

b.    Oversite is by a volunteer board of directors.

c.    TCPOA Security was started Spring of 2014 and was originally funded by a $42,000 loan from a Treasure Cay homeowner.  The loan was repaid by homeowner donations.


4.     TCCF Treasure Cay Community Foundation

a.    TCCF is a Florida not-for-profit corporation recognized as a community foundation under the 501(c)(3) Section of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code.  It acknowledges donations from U.S. taxpayers which allows them to deduct the amount of the contribution as a charitable contribution on their annual tax return.

b.    If the donation is $200 or more and accompanied by a Donor Advised Form, the donor can request it to be contributed to any of the following charitable operating entities:

                                          i.    TCESO

                                         ii.    TC Community Center

                                        iii.    TC Church

                                       iv.    Corbett Medical

                                        v.    TCCF

c.    The corporation is governed by a board of directors, all of whom are at least part-time residents of Treasure Cay.

d.    Donations for operating expenses for TCESO and TCPOA Security are not tax deductible.


The only source of funding for these four entities is through member and community donations.


We have never raised enough through donations to cover the operating expense of TCESO or TCPOA Security.   We still rely on a few individuals who have either bailed out or loaned money to meet expenses.


About Donations:

1.     TCPOA

a.    Membership is $100 per residence per year. 

b.    Dues plus fees paid for administrative services by user organizations are the only source of income for TCPOA.

c.    TCPOA had 189 paid memberships in 2016.


2.    Donations for TCESO and TCPOA Security are requested per residence.

a.    TCESO requests a donation of $250 annually. 

b.    TCPOA Security requests a donation of $250 annually.

c.    For owners that rent separate non owner occupied residences, donations are requested for those properties.  We receive a higher percentage of emergency calls from vacation rentals than from homeowners.


3.    Invoicing

a.    To simplify record keeping for donors and receiving organizations, we’ve implemented a new annual invoicing system. Invoices started going out in April 2017 and we will follow up with statements on a quarterly schedule.

                                          i.    Dec 15th for annual invoice.

                                         ii.    March 15th, June 15th and September 15th for statements.

b.    Invoice and statements will show a three-year payment history.

c.    Invoice and statements will show the request for donations for TCPOA Membership, TCPOA Security, and TCESO. 

d.    Those that pay through their association will be invoiced for the difference between the requested $600 and the amount paid through the association.

e.    This system has been created at the request of many donors.


4.    The regular donations from condominium associations are very helpful for our fundraising effort.  It is not an exaggeration to say that they carry us on a cash flow basis.  See Association information for details.


5.    How to donate:   One check for $600 payable to TCPOA may be sent to:  Tom Wheeler, P.O. Box 305, Mentor, Ohio 44060 USA, or dropped off at the TCPOA office.

6.    “600 Club”  The “600 Club” recognizes donors that donate the $250 for TCESO, $250 for TCPOA Security and pay TCPOA membership dues of $100 per year.  Amounts shown that are less than $600 represent the difference between the $600 requirement and what was paid through Association dues.


7.     Beach Villas Owners Association has pledged $500 per residence for 2018.  $250 for TCPOA Security and $250 for TCESO.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you BVOA.


8.    Thank you to Treasure Cay Ltd. for your financial support and more important the leadership efforts for TCPOA.


9.    See attached FAQ for more information.  Do not hesitate to call or email me with any questions.


I am attaching the “600 Club” donors for 2016 and 2017 YTD.  I am also attaching the Association Information, 2016 TCESO, TCPOA Security, and TCPOA Membership Contributions.

If you see information that is incorrect, please advise.



Tom Wheeler