We've just added thirteen new photos sent in by Tom Wheeler to the
"Image Gallery" page. Several are from the area around Royal Poinciana
and a few from the north end of the beach where, as Toms says, the
erosion is pretty bad.

New Report from TCESO on Hurricane Sandy on
"Emergency Services & Security Reports" page (side menu)

Other than Windward Beach area we have not received any reports of flooded homes or condos.

10:30 am Saturday, Oct 27

From a homeowner (see photos) on the North End of Windward Beach:

Several properties are flooded with about 6 - 8" of water throughout their homes.


Our property had about 3 1/2' and is still under about 1' of water. Others are still under about

2 ' of water.


It has removed a huge amount of sand from the part of Windward beaches where we are located.  

The waves were breaking over the sea walls in this area for hours, undermining some.


The clean up for many will be the tremendous amount of sand that has blanketed the sea front

properties in this area.

Sandy hit at high tide - 3.0 - and there was a lot of water on this island.


Treasure Houses fared well except for being deep in sand.

At 2:30 pm Saturday, the wind is 25-30 mph from west, rain.

Water and phones (cell & land) are working.

Power is working in several areas.


Royal Palm:   Photos are posted in the Image Gallery and as you can see buy the weed lines,

water came half way up the lawn.   A first visual inspection shows no apparent roof damage. 

Minimal damage to docks.


Roundabout....Galleon is down


Windward Beach...Flooding as deep as three feet.


Green Turtle Cay... some areas severely flooded.